Luxembourg 24 - 31 Lettonie 

Le match

Latvia vs. Luxembourg

Félicitations aus sélectionnés pou rle match de ce Samedi !

Saman Rezapour (cap.)
Kim Zimmer
Benjamin Blanchet
Adam Marcus
Quentin Dee
Christian Lowe
Flavien Grimmer
Pierre Toulet
Thomas Kremer
Romain Kimmel
J-B Vert
Sean Carroll
Pol Remedi
Stuart Logier
Will Dennis
Max Dozin
Scott Browne
Christo Rossa
Ugo Nicoletta
Yared Ketema
Adrien Timmermans
Ciaran Keane
Alexandre Romao

13 Octobre 2016



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12 - Most of one nationality in a game are the French v Bulgaria (Nov 2008)
119 Highest aggregate score v Sweden ('00)
196.5cm average height of tallest brothers to play for FLR Thompsons Andy (1.95m) and Martin (1.98m) played v Germany 1998
First German who played for FLR Ralf Theune
3 DRAWS - for FLR against Georgia 1993, Andorra 1997and Monaco