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Rugby: Luxembourg fails to win crucial bonus point against Finland

Evolution of the score: 3-0 Penalty Browne (7th) , 8-0 Penalty Try (27th) , 10-0 Transformation Browne (28th) Penalty 13-0 Browne (40th) , 18-0 Try Vimond (45) 20-0 Transformation Browne, 25-0 try Logier (68th) , 27-0 Transformation Browne, 27-5 try Lammi (80th) , 27-7 Transformation.

Luxembourg's national rugby team was a force to be reckoned when they beat Finland 27-7 on Saturday. However, they ended the game just one try short of guaranteeing promotion to the next division.
Now their fate hangs on the outcome of the Bosnia and Herzegovina – Finland game in Turku on May 31. If the Bosnian side wins the bonus point, it will automatically take first place and rise to the next division, sending Luxembourg to a play-off against Austria.
Saturday's game, which kicked off just as the heavens opened over Josy Barthel stadium was slow to get fired up. But, when it did, Luxembourg was eager to set the tone, scoring from a penalty kick in the seventh minute.
The Finnish side appeared to be stunned by the attack, conceding a try from a penalty 20 minutes later. This was transformed by Browne, bringing the score to 10-0.
Just before half time, Luxembourg added one more penalty kick to its scoreline.
With three more tries needed, the backs rallied and, on the 45th minute, Browne and Vimond came through, setting up a neat try, which was converted by Browne to bring the score to 20-0.
The game remained intense, despite the wet conditions and, 20 minutes later, Luxembourg scored a third try. This one was set up when Rossa passed the ball from a tackle to Logier.
At this point, the crowd of around 500 supporters at the stadium began to chant “one more”, referring to the fourth try needed for Luxembourg to win the bonus point. But, it was to be in vain. After suffering a handful of injuries, including François Simon, who had to be carried off the pitch by a Finnish player, they appeared to be running on empty.
Luxembourg conceded a late try and conversion by Finland and ended the game with a score of 27-7.
Luxembourg national coach Marty Davis was frustrated by the result, putting it down to Luxembourg's performance in previous games.
"We find ourselves in this situation, not because we have not had the bonus point in this meeting, but because we did not get the bonus points in all other games of the campaign,” he said, adding: “There is no excuse because we dominated the game. My players were satisfied with the victory when they should have pushed themselves for the bonus point...It's a problem of mentality. Some players were thinking only of victory, when we only had three tries and 20 minutes left to play. It's just very frustrating.”

12 Mai 2014



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